About Us

Awakening Journeys....

Mystical footprints is formed by the coming together of four researchers, from different continents, who are united by a common love for travel as a dimension of physical and spiritual movement. 

Our experiences are soulful journeys that follow the ancient energy lines of the planet linked to the five continents.

We have crafted all our destinations as a geo-labyrinth that awaken the spark of transformation within us...  

As you immerse yourself in special energetic places on Earth ,you will discover the rising of inner energies, subtle elevated awareness and a heightened sensory perception. 

Walk the path carved by the sages, the avatars and the guides who chose unique places that were the sources of inspiration and of spiritual awakening.

The planet is a beautiful living being and is full of energy lines that carry the vital forces of the cosmos and those of the earth.

These energy lines cross the seas and the depths of the earth, joining and intertwining into knots of energy therebycreating a network of forces that ignites different places on our planet. these places become charged with energy and we cannot often understand why we feel different in these places. 

These energetic nodes have often been places of propagation of new ideas, currents of thought, cultural fashions and lifestyles, religions, artistic and political movements. It is such that because of their power to carry the energy of thought into manifestation. 

In ancient times, the great civilisations like Lemuria/Mu, Atlantis possessed technological and spiritual knowledge to access these lines. 

Our travels weave the lost ancient knowledge of these civilisations along with these energy lines creating a design that will guide us to ‘’see’’ the ‘’whole’’ story in the now.

We will discover, meditate, evocate, dance and discover the profound truths that unite all the People of the planet in time immemorial.