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Turin capital of Mysteries Vol.2

The modern personality of thid fundamental site for italian industry was often involved with decision making process but not only into business - also for spiritual groups and magical and sacred items foundings and collections.

From the myth of its egyptian foudation, to the roman square plant “Augusta Taurinorum” as its latin name states was always considered a prominent location surroundend by rivers of energy and places of power.

First capital of the Kingdom of italy ruled by the Savoia family, Turin have a particular fascination with esotericism, therefore masonic simbology it’s constantly melted with the iconic architectures of the historycal centre.

Belonging to occult geometries it was builded exactly at the center od two triangles uniting the most sacred and powerful towns of White Magic: Prague and Lyon to the upmost representants of Black traditions such San Francisco and London.

The presence of many occult personalities such as Nostradamus, Cagliostro, Nietzche, Lombroso express only the visible side of this magnetic center for the study and practice of magical arts.

In this tour we’ll check toghther some of the most significant footprints of the magical heritage of turin:

  • The presence of the Shroud of Christ and the mystics of the Grail
  • The Alchemysts of turin and the underground tunnels
  • The Great Mother Temple and isiac cult renaissences
  • The Mole of Antonelli as a monument to masonic traditions
  • The Grand Lodge of the Masonry and their footprints in buildings, monuments and fountains
  • The Egyptian Museum and its moon cycle of energetic emanations