The story of the sacred land…Eons ago in time, a faction of the population in Egypt were workers and builders forthe Pharaohs. These people were led by the wisdom of Moses (initiated deep into the ancientmysteries of Atlantis) to a land that we know now of as Is-ra-el … This land birthed many significant religious beliefs in the world of today.

Voices whisper Moses’s connection to the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant and follow its lineage up to the Templars and their cathedrals.There are many versions to the same story, however beneath the terrain of dogmatic differences wewill find evidence of the common source that resonates with all of humanity

We will follow the footsteps of the ancient people of Is-Ra-El. They crossed the Sinai desert for over 40 years, along an energy line that linked Egypt to Israel. They worked on the energies of the Earth, opening portals outside and inside of themselves to awaken contact with the divine. We will discover the pre-existing tradition of the divine Feminine that subtly touched all thetraditions which were born on this sacred land.We will connect with the Mystical Kabbalah, sleeping in special places where the great Kabbalists traced paths that lead to the Garden of Knowledge. We will dance to the rhythm of the ecstatic vibrations of the Sufis. Their multi-ethnicknowledge inspired the ancient Brotherhoods that intertwine with the history of Jerusalem.We will touch on the mysteries of esoteric Christianity, gaining insight into the interwoven timelessmessage that has often been misinterpreted.